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ARCC was founded in January, 2015 by a group of concerned and determined citizens.  This caring group of people came together from Lorenzo, Ralls, and Crosbyton with various backgrounds, personalities, and views, but all with the same common goal; to make a difference in the lives of the high number of discarded, neglected and unwanted pets in Crosby County.


We are an all volunteer program.  We received our nonprofit 501(c)(3) status on April 28, 2015 and in early May 2015 we received a generous donation of land from friends of the rescue, Jim and Mary Parkhill.  All positions held are volunteers that give their time and talents to promote our mission.  For the past two years we have held fundraisers and accepted donations to help raise structures for our site, install much needed fencing, build several large kennels, and are working towards completing our isolation building. While we do house several dogs/puppies at our location, we have also implemented an effective short term foster home program where our dogs are housed and cared for by foster caregivers in a home setting until they are either adopted or can enter our facility. It is an invaluable program for those times our kennels are full.

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